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Rainy day by Young Woo Park
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Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823 - 1906) -  Marine sous la lune, N/D


    Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823 - 1906) -  Marine sous la lune, N/D

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    mobile suit gundam: the origin by yoshikazu yasuhiko

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    writing tweets while drunk and reading them semi-sober now realizing one of them was pretty sensationalized

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  10. one politically incorrect word i won’t stop using is ‘retard’ so fuck these retardo carlos

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    i could do 10x worse than the shit i did tonight and do it on purpose in nyc and no one would bat their fuckin eyes people in hawaii are territorial fuckin retards like what do you own? chill the fuck out

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    here’s a hopefully non-biased account of my night jk everything is biased and has some perspective: so i go out wiht my friends tonight to pregame for a tokimonsta show. we show up 30 minutes after doors open; we walked in and decide it’s not worth stickin. we go to the nearest 7-11 get a few more drinks and kill em. we go back to the show. we’re vibin, i’m vibin hard. some dude is walkin though our group and i do prayer hands to him as he’s passin our group and he gets offended as fuck so pulls me aside and wants to fuck with me and my friends back me up so he chills. i  still buy him a drink and he quits. then i’m dancin just vibin and step on a gurl’s shoe (who even notices that shit when you’re at a show???) and her boyfriend who’s like 5’ 2” wants to fuck with me. i tell him i’m sorry and he keeps confronting me like what the fuck is he gonna do lmfao (i could curl his fuckin ass) then after the show is over we go back to my friend’s toyota yaris. i accidentally touch the wrong yaris cuz it’s parked right next to my friend’s (what are the chances 2 yarises are gonna be parked next to each other) and this girl starts cussing me out and she thought i was gonna pee on her car. WHAT THE FUCK LMFAO so i say sorry for touching her car i wasn’t gonna pee on her car and i just bounce wit the homies. lmfao what the fuck was thsi night hate dumbasses. i was definitely drunk but like i started no conflicts tonight but everyone tryna fight me

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    fuckbois are real

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    why is it that dudes wanna fight me at the club. like I’m not even talking to yo girl but yall tryna fight me lmfao love life